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От: oxana, прислано 03/08/2003

sorry that iam writing this in English..bcoz i don't have Russian font this computer. july03 traveled Nepal...there i introduced with one Nepalese guy...first we spoke in English but after some sentence he knew that i am russian, so he starts to speak in russian...he told me that before he worked in travel agencies..where mostly russian tourist
came....i had a very good information about Nepal and Tibet as well as trekking and which was very useful during my journey but he could not join me.Because during that time he told me that he was having a traning in his office,he told me that he works in kathmandu airport.we mate twice... tried to contact him by phone but could not make it. i am just saying that he was very good and useful for the Russian tourist traveling to nepal.when i came back to Moscow i lost his contact number so that could not contact him and i dont have his email add. very sad, now all i have got it is his name Ishwar. If any body knows him please help me to get his email. thanks


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